TWANG! is a music education project using 15 multicoloured lap harps bringing together the fundamentals of music in a fun and collaborative music making workshop. Designed for schools, home education groups and music hubs, the project supports the objectives of the music curriculum for Key Stage 2.

TWANG! firmly believes that children need to experience and participate in music making to enjoy and understand all elements of music. TWANG! provides a platform for young music makers to enjoy group co-operation and cohesion using an approach that combines elements of the Kodaly method. By engaging children not only through playing lap harps but with singing, clapping, body percussion and movement, TWANG! creates a fun musical journey where each child can achieve!

Kate is an experienced session facilitator with PGCE qualification and classroom experience across KS1 and KS2.

TWANG!’s values:

Accessible– hands on learning with colourful harps.

Inclusive– a positive and therapeutic musical learning platform for everyone to engage with.

Enjoyable– sociable, collaborative work

Engaging– children learn to play from the start exploring a range of genres and styles.

Progressive– clear objectives using a range of visual, aural compositional techniques.

Mindful– being respectful of learners. 

Achieve–  Builds confidence through high quality teaching 

Please contact Kate for more information on current sessions and upcoming workshops. If you would like your school to be involved with TWANG! we would love to hear from you!